Orange Curtain 100K/50K/30K/10K

  • No pacers.
  • No aid given away from aid stations.
  • Behave yourself.
  • Cheating will result in the disqualification of the runner and banning of the runner from future participation in the race.
  • Runners in groups on the bike path should run single file.
  • As stated on the application, minors are permitted with the approval of their parents and with prior approval of the race director. Approval of the race director will require that the parents and runner discuss the runner's background, preparation, motivation, health, etc.
  • The race director reserves the right to remove a runner from the race at any time due to safety or health concerns. However, it is not the sole responsibility of the race director to monitor runners' well being. The runner has the primary responsibility for monitoring their own health.
  • Penalties will be assessed at the discretion of the race director.